IP Connectivity / IP Transit

Quality, speed and redundancy

Combing the quality of Lumen, Cogent and Colt through redundanty high-speed links, we provide fully redundant high-speed IP connectivity in many locations in Belgium.

With speeds ranging from 1Gbps to multiple redundant 100Gbps links, we can cover any request.

Up to 100Gbps

We provide network speeds of 1Gbps, 10Gbps and 100Gbps (with ful redundancy via VRRP)

Competitive pricing

Due to a careful balance between inbound and outbound traffic, we are able to provide competitive price levels without oversubscription

IPv4 + IPV6 + BGP

Our network is dual stacked (IPv4 + IPv6) and we provide full BGP routing tables on both, with dual links possible

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